Recipe: Appetizing Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack)Low priced

Benefit Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack) pre-owned. sweet shakkar para with detailed photo and video recipe. basically a sweet snack. it is a simple snack food prepared with maida flour, sugar, cardamom powder and ghee. it is said that i prepare it frequently as sweet shakarpara recipe is my husband's favourite snack. actually. A traditional tea-time biscuit-like snack often made during festive occasions, shakarpara is the perfect sweet for any gathering. They are deep-fried sugar crisps with almonds and hint of cardamom They are deep-fried sugar crisps with almonds and hint of cardamom, which adds to their unique flavor. sweet shakarpara is a popular dry jar snacks made during festive occasions like Diwali and Janmashtami.

Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack) In a bowl, add the maida, salt, and cardamom powder and mix well. Shakarpara / Shankarpali literally means sweet cookies. These are delicious Indian style bite size cookies that are crispy, melt in mouth and not overly sweet. You go for it simmering curry Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack) using 6 method furthermore 14 as well as. Here you go get someplace.

process of Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack)

  1. give 1/2 Cup of sugar.
  2. a little 1/2 Cup of water.
  3. add 1/2 Cup of butter clarified (ghee).
  4. also 1.25 Cups of all purpose flour (maida).
  5. give 1/2 Teaspoon of salt.
  6. a little 1.5 Cups of oil for deep frying.

Shankarpali is a sweet deep fried Indian snack almost like a flaky cookie. They are crunchy from outside and tender on the inside. Baadusha, A sweet really fit for the king in my opinion. I just can't stop munching on these once I start which is why I try not to make these sugary little devils often and restrict myself to making just once a year for Diwali.

Shakarpara (Sweet and crispy snack) procedure

  1. Take a pan, keep it on medium heat.
  2. Add sugar, clarified butter, water and mix it well.
  3. Stir the mixture till it becomes a bit sticky syrup.
  4. Once the mixture is of desired consistency, turn off the stove and keep it aside for 20-25 minutes so that it cools down.
  5. Add all purpose flour and knead semi soft dough without adding water. Dough is shown in Image1.
  6. Divide the dough in 3 equal pieces.
  7. Roll each piece in to 7 inches diameter circle and be 1 cm thick.
  8. Cut it in to small diamond/ triangle shape as shown in Image2 call each piece as shakarpara.
  9. Heat oil in a pan on medium heat for deep frying.
  10. Wait till the oil is hot, add 6-8 shakarpara at a time in to oil and reduce the heat to low.
  11. Fry it for approximately 2 minutes, take it out when it becomes light golden in color as shown in Image3.
  12. Keep a kitchen towel in a plate and keep shakarpara on it to dry access oil.
  13. Let it cool down then store it in airtight container, you can enjoy it for 15-16 days.
  14. Note: Fry shakarpara on low heat to make it crispy..

Shankarpali or Shakarpara is a crispy and lightly sweetened snack prepared using just six basic pantry ingredients! Growing up in a Maharashtrian family, I always looked forward to Diwali. As my mom made different sweet and savory treats, the entire house would come alive with delightful aromas. Sweet homemade Shakarparas with hot tea! Shakarparas are prepared in two ways.

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